AT&SF 2912

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2912 in Pueblo CO
2912 in Kansas City 2912 in Pueblo CO in 1967 2912 in Pueblo CO in 1967 2912 in Pueblo CO in 1967
Engine number 2912 was built in January of 1944 for the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad by the Baldwin Locomotive Works, in Philadelphia, PA.. It is commonly referred to as a "Northern" 4-8-4 engine, meaning it has four lead trucks, eight drive wheels and four trailing wheels (those under the firebox).

Engine 2912 weighs 510,700 lbs. for the engine and 464,700 lbs. for the tender making a total of 448 tons in working order (full of water and oil).

The tender holds 24,000 gallons of water and 7,000 gallons of fuel oil. The oil used is heavy oil similar to a light tar, the 2912 has always burned oil and never used coal like some earlier models (namely the 3700 series) which were later converted from coal to oil, using the bigger and longer tenders like the 2900 series.

There was 300 lbs. of steam pressure in the boiler when operating.

There is a super heater in the boiler that increases the heat absorbed by the steam so it can do more work, and a Worthington 6-sa feed water heater that preheated the boiler water, the feedwater pump was is on the fireman's side and it has an injector pump on the engineers side to get water from the tender to the boiler. There are 220 3 1/2 in. flues and 52 2 1/4 in. flues. The super heaters sit inside of the larger flues. These flues are 21 feet long.

There is a total of 5400 sq. ft. of heating surface and an additional 2366 sq. ft. of superheat area. The engine and tender together are 121 ft. 7 1/2 in. long, 16 ft. high and 11 ft. 9 1/2 in. wide.

This is a standard gauge engine which runs on rails 4 ft. 8 1/2 in. apart. The main driving wheels are equipped with Timken Roller Bearings and the engine is also fitted with Timken lightweight roller bearing rods, and Timken lightweight Piston and Crossheads.

The valve gear is of the Walshaerts type. The engine has 79,968 lbs. of tractive force (pull) and can develop 6000 horsepower or more. The rated tractive force is 66,000 lbs. but has not been updated since the 3700 series and the 2900 series does have more power.

There was no silver paint used on the engine while it was in use. The letters and all the tires (wheel rims) were painted with white paint, the side rods were polished metal. Some other moving parts were polished metal or painted white while everything else was painted gloss black.

This engine probably never ran into Pueblo except on rare occasions, it being built to run from Chicago to Kansas City, KA. And Kansas City to California across the mountainous areas of CO., NM. AZ. And the California desert which is by no means flat.

There were six left in service in 1954, most engines being retired at that time being replaced by the Diesel-electric or gas-electric engines at this time. 2912 was retired in 1954 and given to the city of Pueblo by the Santa Fe.

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